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Workout with me from your own living room.


In February, we piloted Live Training.  A couple nights per week, a few dozen people from all over the country joined me in a virtual group video chat where we worked out together.

It was incredible.  I felt like I was standing beside clients and friends - helping to motivate through tough and fun workouts.


Committed to helping you sweat, laugh and re‍‍‍peat.

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We're doing live training agai‍n this month!‍‍

Here are the details to sign up for your first class.

WHEN:  Most Mondays at 6PM CT.  Check my Eventbrite page for up to date class availability. (Click here)

WHAT:  45 minutes workout followed by 15 minutes of cool down with Q&A.

WHERE:  We will meet in a virtual video chat room (see more below).

COST: Small group sessions (15-25 people) are $35.  Large group sessions (100-150 participants) are $17.

INTERACTIVE:  All sessions are live.  Sessions will not be recorded.  I want to laugh with you, motivate you, and help with your workout.  This can only be done if you are live on video chat.


Register for your first class!

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Classes are very limited. Those who have taken a virtual training class will get priority to sign up for future classes.

After you register, we'll email you a special code that gives you access to the video chat room.  

S‍‍how up a few minutes early each day. Like a good Marine, I'm never late.  ;-)

All you need for class is 1. A yoga mat. 2. a sweat towel. 3. Light dumbbells. 4. water bottle. 5. Party pants & a great attitude.

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Classes are live and interactive.

All classes are streamed live using Google Hangouts Meet.  

Technical requirements:

1. Good internet that downloads 50mbps or higher.

2. A good camera on your computer or phone.

3. A computer that runs Google Chrome or the Hangout Meets App.

Download Google Hangouts Meet for iPhone here.

Download Google Hangout Meet for Android here.


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